OWB Holster: Perfect fit Glock 17 22 31, Gen 1-5, Standard Front Sight and higher front sight.

Improved locking system automatically secures weapon when holstered

Quick-release button is easy to access and engage

Easy to adjust angle for canted draw

High-tech, durable, polymer construction suitable for military & law enforcement

Note: Fits all generation Glocks. Gen 1-4 models require a small spacer to be installed which is included with the holster. This holster is Right-Handed ONLY.

G17  208绑腿.jpg

Fits any TEGE holster with the 360° carrying method, not compatible with other holster brands.

Made from molded harden Polymer makes for the most durable and Unique Screw button design locks on to duty belt with no additional hardware.

Sets holster at Mid-Ride height.

Do not pinch or add pressure to the hip bone.