Handcuffs are very important to a law enforcement officer. Because handcuffs are used to restrict and restrain the actions of criminals or violent persons, they may cause harm to law enforcement officers or give criminals a chance to escape.

Therefore, the handcuff sleeve plays a vital role. It can quickly and stably remove the handcuffs in an emergency. The handcuffs are also installed in the correct way to ensure that the law enforcement officer's muscle memory plays a role under high pressure. A good handcuff can be easily taken out of the handcuff sleeve. These handcuff sleeves can be easily adjusted through a loop to prevent them from falling out to ensure the safe rest of the sleeve and quick access to the handcuffs.

Even in multiple foot pursuits through steep terrain, open fields, wooded areas, urban areas you will never have a come out of cuff due to these cuff cases.

Again, holding the cuffs barely in any place of duty belt or dres' pocket for a day-long will cause discomfort and may occur injury too. A handcuff case is a great solution to keep the cuffs secure and allows no movement until the cuffs are released.

For law enforcement officers, we have developed a polymer handcuff sleeve, specially designed for law enforcement officers. Let’s take a look at its list:

The button is arranged above the main body sleeve, and the bottom of the button extends into the main body sleeve and is movably connected with the main body sleeve;

The spring is fixedly installed at the bottom of the button;

The hook is set in the main body;

The pin shaft is arranged on the main body sleeve, and the pin shaft penetrates the hook and is movably connected with the hook.


This handcuff sleeve uses a pressing method to lock the handcuffs, which is similar to the exoskeleton design, with almost no increase in volume, no cover protection, and no belt or baffle for auxiliary locking. At the same time, due to its special structure, it can effectively prevent the handcuffs from slipping off during carrying. Its working principle is: when the handcuffs need to be stored, press the button down, the spring will be compressed, and the elastic clip on the button will slide in the locking groove until the button is lowered to the lowest position. The two loops on the handcuffs are overlapped to form a round sleeve shape, and the round sleeve shape fits the body of the main body, and then put it on the main body of the body, and release the button, under the action of the spring, The button rises back to the highest position, thereby restricting the handcuffs so that it cannot fall off from the main body cover. Until use, just press the button down to remove the handcuffs and use it again.


One-handed quick-release mechanism.

Easily accessible and extremely secure.

Lightweight, ergonomic design, positioned inside handcuffs to minimize surface area.

Constructed from lightweight, impact-resistant polymer.

Designed with and for law enforcement, Fully compatible with all TEGE adapters.