CZ 75 SP-01 OWB Holster Index-finger Release 360 ° Banding Method

Attachment: paddle Two-in-one-Belt clip MOLLE Drop Offset Dropleg platform

Quick Details

  • Place of origin: China
  • Delivery time:
  • Color: Black, OD Green, Desert
  • Model Number: 017090111
  • Band Name: TETG
  • Style: Quick release, Level II Holster
  • Application: Carry CZ 75 SP-01 pistol
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS, SGS, REACH
  • Ferture: Lightweight & Durable


Outside Pants Holster fits CZ 75 SP-01. (without sight or laser).

Level II Retention - Auto-locking system restrain pistol in OWB holster to ensure ultimate safety, activate the release by pressing the button with an index finger to achieve gun access.

Fully Adjustable - Easily rotate paddle 360 degrees to every carry angle (strong side, small of back, cross draw) by pushing side bump, compatible belt width up to 2 inches.

Type - Paddle cant is thinner than most other paddle holsters on the market, which can achieve better concealment under clothes than other bulky holsters.

Tough, Durable Material - Custom-molded body made of polymer stronger than leather that will wear out, adapt to every bad environment.

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TEGE OWB Holster Compatible with CZ 75 SP-01, Tactical 360 Degrees Adjustable Outside Waistband Paddle Holster Fits CZ 75 SP-01, Open Carry, Right-Handed.


Never use this holster with a firearm that has been modified with a trigger shoe, oversized sights, wide target trigger, large aftermarket iron sights, lights, lasers, control levers, etc.

Do not attempt to repair or modify the holster in any way. Unauthorized repairs or modifications can affect the safe performance of your holster.

Product Features:

Polymer material- Stronger than leather will wear out, our polymer holster will not wear out and get flimsy.

Easy on / Easy off- No need to undo your belt every time you wear your holster.

Level 2 (II) security- Quick draw holster with safety locking mechanism.

Adjust paddle cant to your desired angle.

Available in right-handed design.

Sweat-proof- Protect your weapon from salty perspiration and not absorb sweat.

All edges on the holster are rounded for comfort.

Almost no maintenance required and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap.

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